2 Days Until Christmas!!!

Hi! What are you getting for Christmas, this year? Do you write a Christmas list?

Well there’s many things you can do, to help your family at Christmas! You could make decorations, out of old wrapping paper and card, give a scrapbook, with all the best photos of the year in it or maybe (like in the Slade Christmas song) give yourrrrrrrrr love fororrr Christmassssss!


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4 Responses to “2 Days Until Christmas!!!”

  1. Megan Dragonfly Says:

    Last year I made a 3D decoration out of some sparkly card. A few days ago we put it back up but it looks kind of squashed.

  2. Megan Dragonfly Says:

    I love Christmas! I love seeing reletives and opening preasants and waking up at 6 in the morning. Well, mabie I don’t love that last part, but still.

  3. coro63 Says:

    Merry Christmas!! I got earrings, origami paper and cookery books. What was your favourite Christmas present and why? Please reply.

  4. coro63 Says:

    (I am the author of this blog)

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